Our Guarantee

Myer’s will repair or replace any mattress or divan base, if it should prove unsatisfactory through defective material or sub-standard workmanship, under the appropriate time frames.

A record of your guarantee is printed on the fire label.

Myer’s offer an five year guarantee on all Natural, Comfort and Ortho Collection beds and a two year guarantee on Modern Boxed and Rolled Collection mattresses.

All Headboards are guaranteed for one year.

Myer’s reserve the right to refuse repair or replacement in circumstances where a new Myer’s mattress has become defective due to use on an unsatisfactory or second-hand base, or is in an unsanitary condition.

For service under this guarantee please contact, with proof of purchase, the store where you bought your bed as your contract of sale is directly with the retailer. They will thoroughly investigate.

This guarantee is valid in Great Britain and Northern Ireland only and is in addition to your statutory rights.

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