Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a query or problem with my bed or mattress?

If you have a problem with an item you have bought, your contract of sale is with the retailer, the person who you paid your money to. So, your first port of call should always be the retailer. Initially we would ask you to contact the retailer where you purchased the product and explain the situation to them.


Where is my local stockist?

Please visit the ‘Stockists‘ page on our website for details on your local Myers stockists.


How do I find out what mattress would be the equivalent to my current mattress?

The Myers Collection is a new bed range using an array of new innovative fabrics and fillings which means there is no direct equivalent to previous Myers ranges. We would recommend you to visit your local Myers retailer in order to try our new range as there are many variations available. We advise you to try them so you can find the kind of support and comfort which feels best for you as it really does comes down to your individual needs, and the new collection will have a different feel.


Where is the fire label on a mattress and divan?

The fire label on a Myers mattress is at the head end of the mattress sewn into the border fabric and the fire label on the divan is also at the head end of the base at the bottom in the middle.


Does my Myers product come with a Guarantee?

Yes. The Myers Natural Collection mattresses, bases and headboards are guaranteed for 8 years. The Myers Comfort and Ortho Collection mattresses, bases and headboards are guaranteed for 5 years and the Modern Boxed Collection and Rolled Mattress Collection guaranteed for 2 years. For more details please visit the ‘Guarantee‘ page on our website.


How often should I change my mattress?

The Sleep Council strongly recommends that you replace a mattress every seven years, because by this time it will have lost much of its original comfort and support.

For further information and sleep advice, please visit The Sleep Council website.


If I am replacing my mattress should I buy a new base?

We always recommend you buy the base and mattress together because the two are designed and manufactured to complement one another in terms of support. Your mattress may show visible signs of wear and tear but the base will have had equal pressure and strain – it just doesn’t show quite so clearly.


How do I know which bed to choose when looking for a new bed?

We suggest that you try as many variations as possible to enable you to select the option that gives your body the correct support. When you lie facing upwards, you should feel the mattress nestling against the small of your back (this is the area above your hips). If you slide your hand between the small of your back and the mattress and feel a gentle pressure from both sides, you have found the mattress with the correct level of support for you. The same applies if you lie on your side – you should feel the mattress willing to accommodate your shoulder and hips and yet support your waist. Above all, take time when selecting a mattress and choose one that feels most comfortable to you.


Why don’t you have a price list showing all of the beds you make on your web site?

As we are the manufacturers of the product and do not sell directly to the public, by law we are not permitted to issue retail prices.


How can I place an order?

You cannot buy from us directly but we do supply quality retailers across the UK and Ireland. Please visit the ‘Stockists‘ page on our website for details on your local Myers stockists.

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