Myers Luxury Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress

The Myers Luxury Pocket Sprung Mattress benefits from individual springs packed within their own pockets to provide improved support for longer; a great choice if you’re looking for a cot bed size mattress. The pocket spring provides targeted comfort and support, contouring to your baby’s individual body shape. This mattress also features a removable cover that can be washed at 60 degrees to kill bacteria and has a 100% waterproof surface built within it to ensure your mattress stays hygienic. The mattress also benefits from Actipro™ which is a 100% natural fabric treatment that reduces bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odours. The fabric prevents dust mites surviving making the mattress a perfect choice for little ones suffering allergies and asthma.


open coil springs

Pocket Springs – responsive springs encased in individual pockets providing a more targeted comfort and support which will contour to the baby’s individual body shape


actipro probiotic fabrics

Actipro treated fabric – a natural treatment which reduces bacteria, dust mites and eliminates unpleasant odours, making this mattress the perfect choice for little ones suffering allergies and asthma


removable top cover

Removable top cover – no need to worry about nappy leaks or milk spills


Washable top cover – suitable for washing at 60 degrees to kill bacteria


Waterproof inner cover – babysafe PVC layer keeps the mattress completely waterproof


Wipe clean inner cover – wipeable for convenience


made in uk

Made in the UK – manufactured to the highest safety standards


quick delivery

Quick delivery – for great value and convenience


1 year guarantee

One year guarantee

Available in Cot & Cot Bed sizes

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